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SHOH Van appeal 

On behalf of Selby Hands of Hope, I am writing to humbly request your support in securing a new van for our charity. We are reaching out to companies and individuals in the hope of finding generous sponsors who can either fund the van on their own or join forces with others to make this crucial acquisition possible.


Selby Hands of Hope is a dedicated charity organisation committed to making a positive impact on the lives of those in need within our community. For many years, we have tirelessly worked to provide essential support and assistance to individuals facing challenging circumstances. Our primary objective is to extend a helping hand to those experiencing difficulties and hardships, ensuring they receive the aid and compassion they require during tough times.


As our charity continues to grow and expand its outreach, the need for a reliable and efficient mode of transportation has become increasingly evident. Our current van, which has served us faithfully over the years, is now showing signs of wear and is becoming less reliable with each passing day. The maintenance costs have risen significantly, diverting precious resources away from our mission.


A new van is vital to the daily operations of Selby Hands of Hope. It will serve as a lifeline, enabling us to carry out two fundamental aspects of our charity work:


Donation Collection: The new van will be instrumental in collecting essential donations from generous individuals and businesses in our community. These contributions play a pivotal role in supporting the various programs we offer to those in need, ranging from providing basic necessities to offering educational resources and training opportunities.


Grant Delivery: Equipped with a reliable van, our dedicated team can efficiently deliver much-needed grants and aid to those who require direct assistance. Whether it's providing essential supplies or offering financial support during challenging times, this vehicle will ensure that our outreach efforts remain swift and effective.


We appreciate that this is a massive request, but we firmly believe that your generous support in providing a new van will make a major and lasting impact on the work we can accomplish for years to come. The significance of this contribution cannot be overstated, as it will enhance our ability to serve those in need and uplift our community in immeasurable ways.


As a charitable organisation, we understand the value of every donation and sponsorship we receive. Your involvement in fulfilling this request will not only improve our daily operations but also extend the reach and effectiveness of our programs, ultimately touching the lives of countless individuals who are facing adversity and seeking hope.


Once again, we extend our sincere appreciation for considering our appeal and the potential for your company to join us on this transformative mission. Together, we can create a more compassionate and supportive world for those in need, leaving a lasting imprint of hope for generations to come.


With heartfelt thanks,


Selby Hands of Hope

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