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April 18th 2019

A pub in Hemingbrough is to host an unusual fundraiser in support of Selby Hands of Hope.

The ‘Crown Inn Glory IV’ challenge will see participants run or walk five laps of a one-mile route with the interesting twist of consuming a drink and a snack at the Crown Inn pub between each lap.

After lap one there will be Guinness and a sausage roll, after lap two will be bitter and a pork pie, lap three break will be a lager and a Cornish pasty and the lap for drink and snack will be cider and an apple pie.

There will be non-alcoholic drink options and the event is open to both adults and juniors.

The route will be revealed on the day and this is the fourth time the pub has run the event, choosing a different charity to support each year.

Marc Collins, from Hemingbrough and the event organiser said: “We like to choose local charities each time, and as Hands of Hope are just up the road and have helped a lot of projects in the area, they seemed a great choice for this year’s event.”

Marc added: “It’s not just about taking part either – it’s a very entertaining spectacle to come and watch. There’s usually a decent gathering of people who come along to the pub to witness the whole debacle unfold! And people stick around afterward, it’s always a really good atmosphere on the day.”

The event will take place on Sunday, May 26 at 12 noon.

Registration for the event will cost £20 for those drinking pints, £15 for half pints and £5 for under-18s and those drinking soft drinks.

Entry forms for the event are available from the Crown Inn, Hemingbrough.

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